Dolphin Rose bringing youR business to the forefront

Through our Award-Winning Multi-Media Formula™ our team of media professionals have the relationships and time-tested skill sets to put your business in the unique position as the media’s “Go-To” in your chosen field of expertise, while exponentially increasing your company’s reach to your customers and core client base.

The Dolphin Rose Philosophy

Inspire your customers to want to choose your business services over your competition by positioning your company as reputable and a leader through quality media placements and thought-provoking interviews that set the stage for your success.


Dolphin Rose clients are successful because their businesses have key elements that they offer:
They have a story to tell.
They offer products or services that create high value.
Our clients have something to say.
Our clients provide a unique service that will improve their customer’s businesses or their lives.
Our clients understand the importance of giving back, be it through philanthropy, educating others or participating in positive acts that beneifit their community.

Swimming Successfully Towards Results

When the synergy between two businesses with like-minded goals are congruent, the seeds of success are than cultivated and the results are often times surreal.

Media Mastery & Bringing Value to our Peers

As enthusiastically as our clients and Dolphin Rose are about the prospect of bringing their fresh story to the forefront through Television, Radio, Print Publications and New Media/IT, at Dolphin Rose, our philosophy is centered in knowing that our media venues value our clients just as highly.

Our media contacts rely on our firm to bring authentic business interviews to the table and know that once a client is officially a member of our roster, they immediately become a viable resource and important on-air candidate as well as a blue-chip interview that will provide important information that will make either enhance their newscast or provide excellent expertise and insight that a news media or entertainment venue can trust and rely on.

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