Major Music Credits Include

Critically acclaimed I-Tunes single & music video: “I Love You Sha La La” included in 2013’s Oscar Gift Swag Bag presented to Oscar Nominee’s, Best Director Nominee’s and Host.

Performed in a music video with Brooks & Dunn

Performing at NASCAR at ESPN

AZ State Fair


Major Film Credits Include

On The Frontier

Dylan co-scored the music for Wal-Marts film “Go Big!” in conjunction with their introducing Schwinn’s new X-Treme Cycling Racing Line of Bicycles.

Dylan & Dolphin Rose co-produced and directed the national television commercial campaign for Honda Motorcycles on location.


Dylan has had the privilage of peforming with the following music artists:

Brooks & Dunn
Richard Smith, One of the world’s Top 2 acoustic guitarists.
Grant Tye, Lead Guitarist from Dick Holiday & The Bamboo Gang
Sugar Blue, Grammy-winning blues harpest for the Rolling Stones
Gary Garland, backup singer for Whitney Houston
Muriel Anderson, Bluegrass gutiarist for the Wildwood Pickers
Ray Herndon, Guitarist for both Lyle Lovett’s Large Band & McBride & The Ride
Ronnie Herndon, Keyboard player, Lyle Lovett
Jeff Dayton, Guitarist for Kenny Chesney & Glen Campbell.
Dan Wexler, Guitarist for Alice Cooper & Icon


Dylan composed, produced and collaborated on songs for the following artists:

Celine Dion
Hootie & The Blowfish


WIC (Women In Cable) Award (Local Award) for the composition, production and vocal performance on the popular Cable Television campaign: "Chicago Moves Blues" for Chicago Moves Realty. ACE Award Nomination for Chicago Moves Blues (Local Nomination)

Award of Distinction/Communicator Award (International Competition) for the composition, production and vocal performance for Indian Lakes & Nordic Hills Resorts. This commercial competed against over 3200 entries from 47 states and eight other countries! Dolphin Rose won this award for "Exceeding industry standards," according to Time/Warner Cable.

The Most Creative Marketing & Advertising Award (National) Dolphin Rose won this award for the composition, production and performance on the audio logo for Relcon Apartment Finders a subsidiary of Tribune Enterprises. This audio logo was featured at a national show and competition in Dallas. Our client swept the awards.

KUPD Radio in Phoenix, Arizona Dolphin Rose named Business Of The Month for the composition, production and performance on the All Driver's Insurance audio logo for radio. Our audio logo competed against Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine who's group also created an audio logo. Dolphin Rose's jingle was chosen first and became famous. The commercial featured Dylan Jordan on lead vocals, guitarist Danny Wexler of Alice Cooper, and Alice Tatum (the female vocalist on the "Shop Chevy" campaign) on co-lead vocals.

Dylan, Alice and Danny were also featured on Honda Motorcycles audio logo which Dylan Jordan also composed and produced.

11 additional awards for Top Performance as Account Executive of the Month during my tenure at Group W Cable .